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Orbán: There is only one way to stop the virus, and that is the vaccine

2021.04.03. 11:00

The latest updates on the virus in Hungary, the happenings in Europe, and what the future holds – according to Orban.


„There is a mass contagion now, which cannot be stopped by restrictions, we can only slow it. Last spring the restrictions were enough to stop the spread of the virus, but this evolved mutation is different. We can only stop it or kill it with the vaccine, so we must focus on vaccination” – said Orban in a TV interview on Wednesday.

Lifting the bans is only possible in a slow manner, and only after 2.5 million people are vaccinated.

(That is approximately one-quarter of the Hungarian population.) It is estimated to have been accomplished around or soon after Easter – stated the PM.

He also mentioned the leftist politicians who constantly keep blowing the coals against vaccination and the eastern vaccines, yet, they get themselves vaccinated with those.

According to Orban, it is a sin to campaign against vaccination, and those who do will have to learn to live with themselves after knowing that people possibly have died because of their actions.

Without the eastern vaccines, we could not have vaccinated half of the people who have received at least one dose already

– reminded Orban.

About the reopening, he stated, that he strictly relies on the professionals' opinion, that is

we all have to be careful, especially when celebrating Easter with our families.

It can end terribly if we choose not to comply with the rules during the Easter holidays.

Estimations are that by April 4th there will be 2.3 million, and a week after the number of people vaccinated will reach 3 million - said Orban.

Shops can reopen when this number is above 2.5 million, and the next steps of reopening can be discussed when it exceeds 3.5 million. The aforementioned steps will always become public one week before they take effect.

81 per cent of the registered elderly, who are the most vulnerable now, have already received their vaccine, and there is only 250 thousand who is still waiting from those who registered.

Next week, all of the people who have registered for the vaccine will receive their first dose.

He added that while western vaccine supplies are still not reliable, the eastern ones we can count on, but vaccination will speed up in April.

He also added that the vaccine cannot be made obligatory, because the Hungarians are free people, and they can decide what they want.

After consulting Matteo Salvini and Mateusz Morawiecki this week, he expressed his hope that the western supplies will arrive at the pace previously agreed upon.

They also discussed the future of Europe. Orban said, that

Salvini proved that migration can be stopped on the sea as well, and he is our hero for this.

The most important role of the meeting was to gather the democratic Christian leaders to figure out a way to fight leftist oppression. They touched upon issues like the LGBTQ question, the Brussels-centered Europe, and migration.

Those western countries that enforce stricter regulations now are acting wisely, as their vaccine supplies are not as rich as ours

- stated Orban.

Making vaccine a political issue is a problematic one, we must not let that happen.

We do not have to „break up” with the west, but we have to adapt ourselves to these new circumstances – said the PM.

Even the British say – according to a report – that the east will rise in the coming 10 years, said Orban.

The left always tries to lean onto something (Moscow, Brussels, Washington), they wish to receive a solution from others, but I am not like them – said Orban – we can only rely on ourselves when there's a problem, and we cannot want others to think as we do.

We, Hungarians must protect our own world, and we must resist when someone tries to force anything on us, whether it is from the west or from the east.

He finished his interview with forward-looking thoughts:

„Now it is time to recess and think around Easter, and Sunday the sun will rise, and resurrection comes”.



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