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Címke: orbán and the world

Everything you need to know about the conflict between Fidesz and the European People's Party

On Wednesday, the European People's Party (EPP) held a meeting regarding the membership of its fourth strongest member party, Fidesz. The importance of this conference was paramount, considering the date of the elections to the European Parliament is closing in.

Orbán: without Christian culture, there can be no freedom in Europe

Hungary celebrated its national day on March 15th. On this occasion, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized that in these times we are fighting not only for our homeland, but for our Christian culture as well.

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Orbán: The role of Soros in European politics cannot be disregarded

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave an interview to the German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

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Viktor Orbán: People have a right to know what Brussels is planning

In a recent radio interview, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talked about how high the stakes are regarding the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

This is Hungary's solution to tackle the decline in population

In his annual State of the Nation speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced tax benefits and subsidies to support families. After all, it is far more respectable to help native families than invite immigrants from a foreign culture - a lesson that applies not just for Hungary, but for the entire European Union as well.

This is why the European Parliament's attack on Hungary failed completely

On Wednesday, the European Parliament decided to attack Hungary once more before the elections take place in May, which is why the occasion was more akin to an aggressive campaign event than an actual debate. In this context, it was no wonder that the bureaucrats of Brussels turned to their favourite subject: Hungary and the state of democracy within the country.

Orbán: "migration makes the protection of our Christian culture a political duty"

Viktor Orbán held his first international press conference this year on Thursday. During the event, the Hungarian Prime Minister criticized contemporary liberal politics, and also spoke at length about the importance of migration and its effects on European politics.

The Budapest protesters are Soros' dishonest provocateurs in disguise

For days now, MPs from the Hungarian opposition are trying to provoke a conflict with the police in hopes of accusing the Hungarian government of being a brutal dictatorship. Of course, it is all a facade, and even though there is clear evidence for this, the left-leaning media is all too happy to assist the dishonest MPs in their endeavour - showing us exactly what the problem is with mainstream media and leftist, liberal politicians nowadays.

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