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Tusványos: Orbán’s yearly assessment of the political landscape

Forisek Ádám

2019.07.22. 10:28

The tradition of Viktor Orbán assessing the political situation of Hungary and Europe has been nurtured since 2002. Let us look at some of his most important speeches.

Year after year, PM Orbán evaluates European and Hungarian politics at Tusványos, formally known as Bálványos Summer University and Student Camp. During this event, the Hungarian leader discusses why is it important to protect our identity, to fight against the influence of Brussels and to form good relationships with our neighbouring countries.

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The atmosphere of Tusványos is easy-going and casual, but that doesn’t mean that the topics covered (e.g. Christian identity, security, immigration and national sovereignty) are frivolous.

So, let us look at some of the most influential speeches, thoughts and ideas presented by Viktor Orbán in Tusványos.


„The Western type of capitalism is in a crisis. It has distanced itself from moral values and has lost its previous moral adhesive.”


„We had to say it out loud: democracy is not necessarily liberal. Something can still be democratic without it being liberal.”


„The European left thinks that immigration is not a source of danger, but a potential. The left has always been suspicious of nations and national identity.”


„In the coming decades, the most important question in Europe is going to be: will Europe belong to the Europeans? Will Hungary belong to the Hungarians, will Germany belong to the Germans? Will France belong to the French, or Italy to the Italians? Who will live in Europe? This is the question we must face today.”


„There is a connection between illegal immigration to Europe and increasing terrorism.”


„In the 20th century, the modern left grew roots in Central Europe. The consequence of that was a new form of attitude in Hungary, which looks like this: the left attacked its own nation whenever it had the chance.”


„I want to make my opinion absolutely clear: if autonomy is denied from the Hungarians living in Transylvania, then Romania has no sufficient basis to try to be part of the European Union. This is probably not only a Hungarian opinion, but the opinion of every single country where autonomy is taken for granted.”


„We have a proposition for our neighbours: let us build a strong Carpathian Basin. Of course, we need mutual respect in order to this. And mutual respect demands honest communication. Here is the perfect example. It was a hundred years ago that Romania entered the age of modernity. We understand that from their point of view, this is something to celebrate. We ask them to realize that from our viewpoint, however, there is nothing to celebrate. And we would ask them to face the fact that for a hundred years now they have been unable to do anything about the 1,5 million Hungarians living here [in Transylvania].”


„In the last couple of years Central Europe has been more successful in crisis management than the West. This will have severe consequences regarding the future of Europe.”


„In the fight between the political representatives of the global elite and the patriotic political leaders, Hungary stands on the good side – the side of patriotism.”


„The reconstruction of Hungary is not going to be simple. Asking the people to change their lifestyle is not easy. But the changes will eventually result in a national revival.”


„I would like to remind the younger generation that we have been in office between 1998 and 2002. It is therefore not a lapse of tongue when I say that our third legislative period is closed, and the fourth has started. Looking back on the year 1990, the birthday of Hungarian democracy, we have spent 16 years in opposition and 12 years in government. If God wills it, we will able to restore the balance at the end of this four-year legislative period. However, as I have said in my inaugural speech: the government is made up of sportsmen. We will not be satisfied with a tied game.”

Dear readers, we will be covering the 2019 Bálványos Sumer University and Student Camp all week, so stay tuned!




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