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This is why the European Parliament's attack on Hungary failed completely

Forisek Ádám

2019.01.31. 11:30

On Wednesday, the European Parliament decided to attack Hungary once more before the elections take place in May, which is why the occasion was more akin to an aggressive campaign event than an actual debate. In this context, it was no wonder that the bureaucrats of Brussels turned to their favourite subject: Hungary and the state of democracy within the country.

Frans Timmermans, Josef Weidenholzer and Marie-Christine all expressed their concerns regarding the rule of law in Hungary. A pity none of them seemed to have grasped the idea of actual democracy, given that they always seem to forget that Hungary was the only country which asked its citizens whether they favour mass-immigration, or not.

Not only that, but Hungary just concluded its 8th National Consultation. Considering that Hungarian leaders have regularly approached and asked the opinions of their people – on subjects like the General Constitution of Hungary (2011), the economic situation of the country (2012), mass-immigration (2015), or family-friendly policies (2018) –, it is safe to say they have done more for democracy than those MEPs who are always so bitterly worried about the rule of law and the state of Hungarian democracy, while at the same time being curiously supportive the islamization of Europe via mass immigration.

And if they are so sensitive regarding issues of democracy, how come they never bothered to ask the opinions of European citizens on immigration? After all, they probably realised they would seal the fate of the continent for decades.

What is also astounding is the stupendous hypocrisy of Judith Sargentini. The fact that her entire campaign against Hungary is nothing more but a political science fiction novel becomes doubtlessly clear when one realises she seems to have no problem at all with the police brutality in Macron’s France.

But of course, if you are pro-Brussels, you get a pass on everything, even when you savagely shoot protesters with rubber bullets.

Another objection of the pro-immigration MEPs was the state of George Soros’ university, in Budapest. It is only a shame that all they did was repeat fake news, considering that the university can and will stay in Hungary. They have all the necessary accreditation in Hungary to continue their courses and issue Hungarian diplomas.

What Soros’ university cannot do is the following: they cannot issue two diplomas for the same course. What they wanted to do was to issue American diplomas while not actually having a working campus in the USA. The law regarding this process is clear and simple: a foreign diploma in Hungary can only be issued if the university also has a campus in the so called “mother country”. The University of Notre Dame for instance has no problem what so ever with abiding by the Hungarian rules. McDaniel College also operates in Hungary and in the US, without any issue.

From all of this, it is clear that the pro-immigration, left leaning, liberal forces are resorting to such attacks because they are afraid of their loss of control and power. And quite frankly, they should be. After all, they have lost the debate regarding immigration. They have tossed the continent in chaos, and as a consequence, they have lost their credibility, probably for the rest of their lives. Now a new political bloc has emerged, one which realises that Europe does not equal the European Union.



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