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Orbán's message to Europe: let us all stand for the culture of patriotism

Forisek Ádám

2018.10.26. 14:00

On 23rd October, Hungary celebrated the Revolution of 1956. On this day, an entire nation revolted against the Marxist-Leninist government and its Soviet-imposed policies. It is one of the most important national holidays of Hungary - however, it has a very clear and important message for Europeans as well.

By 1956, every Hungarian was convinced that if the communist regime continued its barbaric rule throughout the country, the Christian culture that defined Hungary for nearly a thousand years would perish. That is why the revolutionary patriots were faced with a very simple, yet fateful choice: either continue enduring a communist rule that slowly eroded the country or seize the one and only chance to fight for national freedom and sovereignty.

They chose to revolt and even though the communist dictatorship lasted for another 34 years after the uprising, time proved that in the end, the revolutionists were victorious: today, Hungary can proudly embrace its Christian heritage once again.

But even though the Soviet Union crumbled, Europe failed to learn the important lesson that countries of the former communist bloc immediately understood.

Eastern Europe experienced the destructive ideologies of the Nazis and then the Communists. Make no mistake here: we are speaking of ideologies with the primary agenda of erecting global empires. As such, the main focus of the imperial experimenters was to break nation states and force them into obedience and subservience. We all know the results: immeasurable suffering, raging wars and destruction.

In our new series, 'Orbán and The World', we will be following the activity of the Hungarian prime minister closely in order to show our readers how exactly he affects European politics.

It is only natural then, that the atrocities of the 20th century has made Eastern European states cautious when it comes to supranational experiments. As Orbán said in his speech commemorating the anti-communist revolution,

Hungarians do not like to gamble with their homeland. We are just not that type of people. We do not like uncertainty.  What we do like is heroism and common sense.”

As it turned out, this Hungarian caution was not unfounded. The European Union kept calling for more integration, more solidarity and more unity. These words may have sounded promising once, but then the EU decided to walk straight into its demise.

After all, no one ever informed the Europeans that integration and solidarity would suddenly entail accepting millions of Middle Eastern and North African migrants – a decision that radically changed the lives of European citizens, possibly forever.

Whether we like it or not, the migration crisis was a wake-up call to the continent. It has greatly simplified the debate. Europeans have two choices: they can either let the brusselite elite slowly bleed out the continent by inviting migrants, who do not respect human rights, Christian values (or liberal ideas for that matter).

Or the other choice – the one made by Hungary – is to stand up for the culture of patriotism. What does this mean exactly? It means believing Europe is not a melting pot, but a continent of free, yet sovereign nation states competing and cooperating with each other.

What is important to realize is that whenever EU politicians so pompously rant about human rights and democratic values, they mask their true agenda, which is to toss Europe into chaos through migration. We should not forget after all, that communists of the past also kept hiding behind appealing slogans such as “justice” and “equality”.

Hungary favoured national sovereignty in 1956. Now, there is a new decision to be made, considering the approaching elections of the European Parliament:

The pro-immigration elite versus the patriots. The decision will be up to the people of Europe.


Amerika, London, Párizs

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