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According to Orban: We'll have a free summer

2021.03.27. 11:30

I have no doubt that Hungarians will have a free summer – said Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Hungary's pubic radio on friday.

The Hungarian PM said that we are experiencing the most difficult weeks of the epidemic. This is true not only for Hungary, but also for many other countries in Europe, with the situation becoming so serious because of the British mutation of the virus. This variant is spreading much faster and poses a bigger danger for young people as well.

The only protection against the virus is vaccination, which is contingent on the availability of vaccines. In Hungary, health authorities could administer twice as many jabs as are currently being administered, but there are not enough vaccines

– PM Orban said.

According to Viktor Orban the greatest number of vaccines are expected to arrive to the country in May.

The PM recalled that EU prime ministers have handed over the procurement of Western vaccines to Brussels, including him.

This was a bad decision, for which I take full responsibility

– he stated. By now, it's become clear that every member state should have taken their own path. According to Mr Orban, everyone viewed the situation from their own perspective and hoped that Brussels would do the same, but that was unfortunately not the case.

Viktor Orban said that

although Brussels has managed to negotiate discount purchase prices, there are no vaccines.

The number of vaccinated people in Hungary has reached 1,8 million, with nearly 600 thousand having also received the second dose.

There are jabs in stock, but they have yet to be checked before they can be rolled out. This can take weeks, or days if everything goes well. However, many vaccines in stock are needed for the second dose, so they cannot be used to vaccinate new people.

Viktor Orban said that reopening of any type will not be possible until those aged over 65 will not receive their jab, because they are most at risk. As of now, 71 per cent of those over 65 have already been inoculated.

It is safe to say that we'll have a free (of restrictions) summer, although there may be some cultural events where attendance will be tied to a vaccination certificate. Life in Hungary will become free ahead of all EU countries

– Mr Orban said.

On Friday Gergely Gulyas, Hungarian Prime Minister's office chief stated that few days after Easter, the number of people vaccinated will exceed 2.5 million in Hungary, so there will be a gradual relaxation of resctirctions.

If Hungary reaches this number there will be changes in Hungary's pandemic response.

  • the curfew will last from 10 pm to 5 pm, instead of the current 8 pm to 5 pm
  • Stores may stay open until 9:30 pm, instead of the current 7 pm
  • All stores can open but only one customer per 10 square metres may be inside at a time,
  • Kidergartens and schools can reopen on 19 April, with the vaccination of teachers beginning on 1 April.



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